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After months of alpha testing, YouTube found that more than 75 percent of measured audio ad campaigns drove a significant lift in brand awareness.

Audio ads may sound like an odd fit for a website that specializes in video, but YouTube says users are consuming more audio centric content. It will be characterized by a voiceover delivering the message while a still image or simple animation is displayed on the screen.

YouTube says audio ads are now in beta, available via auction on Google Ads and Display & Video 360 on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis with the same audience-targeting and other options as video campaigns.

The format will also have the ability for advertisers to make buys across dynamic music lineups, including the Top 100 charts by country and collections of channels in popular genres such as Latin, K-pop, country, rap and hip-hop. Marketers can also buy ads targeted by moods or interests like fitness or relaxation/meditation. This targeting option will help brands target customized audience more precisely.

During the COVID times there has been a high increase in podcast and audio listening at the same time school & college lectures were also moved online. This new ad format opens the opportunity to tap on the non-video consuming audience and it will also expand the reach to grow brand awareness.




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