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Dubai School Buses to Feature Ads, Announces RTA

Dubai's Road and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that school buses can now display advertisements inside and outside, providing an extra income source for school transport companies.


These ads must follow strict rules to ensure they are appropriate and protect school children. Adel Shakri, from the RTA, said the ads should be suitable for students, promote good values, and comply with UAE laws. Dubai Municipality must approve the content, and advertisers need to get a permit from the RTA's website.


This initiative benefits advertisers by providing a unique way to reach a wide and diverse audience. School buses travel through various neighborhoods and busy streets, offering high visibility to a broad demographic. Advertisers can target school children and their parents directly, as well as commuters and residents who see the buses daily. This extensive reach enhances brand exposure and engagement, making school bus advertising an effective and impactful medium.



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