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Garage 366, stands for the core values our customers live and work by. Our interconnectedness and dedication to the cause of our partnerships is what drives our business. The name Garage defines our integrated solutions. We provide alternative solutions and an equal, well-rounded service to each and every client, irrespective of the budget, size or nature of the project


Garage represents the qualitative element of our endeavor, defining ourselves by the nature of our delivery. We are what we do, and what we do, provides optimal media services conducted with decorum and efficiency


We show an optimized 360 approach in our daily work ritual. The team, consist of experienced professionals who have trained in a multitude of specialty areas. The dynamic of our creativity, team spirit, and work ethic, converge as one harmonious entity. Our shared common interest in delivering outstanding results for the brands we represent, is what drives our ongoing progress and development.  Garage creates innovative, relevant opportunities and provides the solution necessary to action, to ensure your brand reaches it fullest potential

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