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Strategic Planning

Poor strategic planning can be more counterproductive and costly than no strategic planning. Our experience and abilities across strategy planning and strategy implementation, coupled with our ability to deliver on an international scale, provides you with practical solutions that will help you to shape and execute your corporate direction.

Trade Buying

Media buying with us involves far more than achieving a low price for advertising inventory. Our team is primarily interested in helping publishers and media partners come together in providing solutions that help our clients achieve their marketing objectives. This can take the form of research, exclusivity, events, innovation or other. Unlike traditional media buying agencies, we oppose working in isolation. Our team is constantly interacting and  evaluating new opportunities


An exchange of creative ideas can take a small idea and turn it into a great one. At Garage366, the business lies at the heart of the creative process. We are inspired and driven by our creativity and our ideation process works because it gravitates around our understanding of each and every client. Their needs act as our springboard, which helps the momentum of our creative flow and insight.

We construct a big idea, because success comes from knowing, not guessing, therefore the result of our ideation, is a product of our continual learning and understanding of the brand and its market.


ROI (Return on Investment) is the measure of profitability to indicate whether or not the business is using its resources in an efficient manner. At Garage366, we prefer to define it as a “Return on Interest,” because as an agency, we are more concerned about the return we get from driving interest

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