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Creative Solution

A creative solution is a key attribute of the process. We take ideas and implement them to address fundamental business challenges.

The creativity lies not in the problem but in the solution, taking our creative ideas and transforming it into visible business value.

We develop and project the creative solution so that consumers accessing all channels understand the meaning of our client’s brand.

Video Production

Our in-house capabilities for video production, has empowered our creative stance when collaborating with brands. Garage366 provides digital production services with award-winning creative content.

We provide video solutions for branding, TV commercials, and corporate communications. Our highly skilled team offers a broad range of video production services such as editing, motion graphics and front-end and back-end development, to meet the client’s growing needs.


Web Development

Our skilled team provides creative, innovative and user-friendly web design and development solutions.

Our team is up-to-date with the latest trends, best practices and technology to ensure your website captures and conveys the brand’s identity and messaging.

Garage 366 combines business analysis with leading creative web design skills and technical experience to provide clients with the best possible return on the website development investment.


Photo Shooting

We provide professional photographic services to ensure that brand images of exceptional quality are presented to clients efficiently and cost-effectively. Our valuable industry experience has helped us to successfully handle the different photography demands of advertising.

Mobile App Development

Mobile devices have fast become the preferred medium for communication, sourcing information, and entertainment. Mobile enables you to target your local prospects, engage with them when they are most ready to act, and track all of their conversions along the way.

Our mobile experts are on hand to ensure your website is turned into a mobile-friendly, business-driving platform, making it a cutting-edge mobile marketing success.



In a rapidly changing world, the relationship between the corporate and public worlds is shifting with technology being the key driver.

Building and managing reputations in this new environment requires new responses from both organizations and the agencies that support them.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd in today’s option-saturated and attention-scarce world.

At Garage366, we help you define who you are, what you believe, what you do, and why people should care.

We then weave it all into stories that work everywhere.

The unique set of skills and capabilities of our creative & strategy teams will help you manage your corporate brand to support strategy, build and protect reputations and enhance brand communication by showing how culture, value and attributes align and support long-term business goals.

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