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WhatsApp to Launch New AI Feature for Generating Profile Photos

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp has been going through several changes. Meta’s super keen to become a key player in the generative AI race, which is why it’s investing billions into AI hardware and development, and introducing its new AI features into all its apps.

Meta AI search bar has made its way to WhatsApp and so have AI generated stickers, while chatter about Instagram's AI photo editing tools coming to the messaging platform has also caught attention.

Now, as part of the latest WhatsApp beta version, WhatsApp is reportedly working on adding a new AI feature that takes AI-generated stickers one step further, users will have to give a text prompt to the AI image generator and then it will create a custom profile photo based on the detailed prompt. This new feature is expected to allow users to be creative and generate intuitive profile photos which resembles their personality, interests and mood.

Although most WhatsApp users are only interested in sending messages, Meta’s going to give it a shot either way. While most of these tools are somewhat interesting, most are also at this stage at least, a novelty, that’s unlikely to see ongoing use. However, as AI continues to progress exponentially, all the big tech players are convinced that not only will they become transformative tools, but also, that they need to incorporate them to keep up.



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