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Disney Expands Interactive Ad Innovations with Advergaming & Shoppable CTV Ads

Disney, a leader in choice-based and viewer-initiated advertising, has unveiled exciting new interactive ad formats at its annual Global Tech & Data Showcase. These innovations include first-to-market advergaming and shoppable CTV ads, powered by BrightLine and KERV Interactive respectively.


Gamified Ads: An Emerging Trend in Advergaming

Gamified ads, also known as advergaming, are an experimental and innovative advertising approach. Disney and BrightLine are pioneering this format for Connected TV (CTV) with their newly introduced formats, claiming to be the first-to-market in this space. These gamified ads aim to engage viewers interactively during ad breaks, creating a more immersive advertising experience. The below are the formats of Gamified Ads:

  • Quiz Show Format One of the new formats is called Quiz Show. This format incorporates multi-question trivia games into ad breaks, encouraging viewers to participate actively. The trivia questions are related to the brand or product being advertised, making the ad experience more engaging and informative. By turning passive viewing into an interactive game, Quiz Show aims to capture and retain viewer attention more effectively than traditional ads.

  • Beat the Clock Format Another innovative format is Beat the Clock. This ad format challenges users to complete timed tasks or challenges themed around a specific brand. The tasks are designed to be fun and engaging, ensuring that viewers interact with the brand in a memorable way. Beat the Clock not only entertains but also reinforces brand messaging through repeated interactions within the given time frame.


Shoppable CTV Ads with KERV Interactive

Disney, in collaboration with KERV Interactive, has introduced a new range of shoppable CTV ad formats across its properties, including Disney+ and programmatic channels. These formats are designed to enhance the shopping experience by making it more interactive and seamless.


Dynamic QR Codes and Custom Graphics

The new shoppable ad formats utilize dynamic QR codes, custom graphics, and product carousels. Viewers can scan the QR codes displayed on their screens, leading them directly to product pages or special offers. Custom graphics make the ads visually appealing, while product carousels allow viewers to browse through multiple items without leaving the ad.

AI-Driven Formats: Sync, L-Bar, and Impulse

Disney has also collaborated with the artificial intelligence firm Kerv to develop three advanced shoppable ad formats: Sync, L-Bar, and Impulse. These formats integrate a mix of QR codes, graphics, and product carousels to drive transactions directly through CTV.


  • Sync: This format synchronizes the ad content with the program being watched, creating a seamless and relevant ad experience.

  • L-Bar: The L-Bar format displays ads in a sidebar, allowing viewers to continue watching their content while interacting with the ad.

  • Impulse: The Impulse format is designed to trigger spontaneous purchases by presenting compelling offers and easy checkout options.

Benefits of Disney's Interactive Ad Innovations in the UAE

Disney's introduction of interactive ad formats like advergaming and shoppable CTV ads in the UAE offers significant benefits: they make ads more engaging and fun, allow for easy shopping directly from the ad, and can be tailored to match the viewer’s interests. Brands also gain valuable insights from these ads, helping them create better and more personalized campaigns. By adopting these advanced ad formats, brands appear more innovative and in touch with current trends, which encourages creativity and dynamism in the UAE's advertising market.


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