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Google enters the short-form video content category beginning with YouTube Shorts, a new feature being tested in limited markets.

An early beta of YouTube Shorts will be available soon to users in India as Google picks up the opportunity to replace TikTok in booming Indian market. Currently TikTok is banned in India so this new feature will work as alternative for TikTok fans to explore. The beta is said to include only a handful of the available features and more features will be added over time. YouTube Shorts will soon expand to more markets in the coming months.

The biggest advantage for YouTube which will make this new feature successful is the volume of monthly active users on the app which is 2 Billion while TikTok is 700 million and Instagram is 1 Billion monthly active users.

YouTube Shorts offers the following features to video creators:

  • Create and upload videos of 15-seconds or less.

  • Edit videos with several creative tools.

  • Stitch shorter clips together with a multi-segment camera.

  • Add music to videos from YouTube’s library.

  • Speed up or slow down videos.

  • Timers and countdowns.

YouTube’s monetization features also make it more appealing for creators to invest their time into this feature while the other platforms still don’t offer direct monetization.

In current times, short form videos are showing excellent results for brands as they are more engaging and catchier. The launch of exciting features from big social platforms allows the opportunity of reaching out to a bigger pool of audience thus expanding the brand reach.


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