We all know how important customer reviews are, for both consumers and brands. In a customer- centric economy, it is imperative for brands to listen to their customers and consumers generally rely on reviews when making a purchase decision.

Customer reviews have come a long way from simple word-of-mouth recommendations to published online assessments. Consumers today, through social media and customer review sites, can easily share their best and worst experiences about a brand.

One trend that we see growing in 2020 is the use of live videos and videos generally, to share experiences. Real people sharing their experience with a service or product is a very powerful tool and many brands are already using this technique, in partnership with influencers and the impact is huge. When one sees a friend or an influencer post a live video as they are experiencing a product or service, this makes one want to try it out and perhaps even share it on social media thus having the viral effect. This helps brands build credibility, and interest as well as awareness about the brand and its products/services.

Video is big and is growing even bigger, we can be sure that more digital marketers will be looking for different ways to utilize video in 2020. The impact of a quality 2-minute video is far more reaching than the traditional way of writing articles with a lot of text. It is estimated that 70% of people who watch a video of a brand they like, will share it and 60% will visit the site.

Source: www.business2community.com