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Ahmad Sabra has been working in the media industry in the GCC region for nearly 15 years. When he’s not working on it – he’s enjoying it. An innovative and creative thinker, Ahmad tends to operate in the space that isn’t being filled. Ahmad loves being told no – and turning it into yes which stems from his company’s philosophy that is “Why not?”. Over the years, Ahmad has established himself as someone who understands the UAE and regional Media world and enjoys building teams and businesses, while seeing young talent develop. Ahmad has passion for developing creative solutions and successful strategies and enjoys nothing more than establishing long term partnerships. 


Founder and Managing Director​

Sandra has over 10 years of experience in media and communications and has worked in both agency and client side environments but her passion lies in the agency side where she can explore and gain experience in a wider range of categories. Sandra has a penchant for walking the fine line between organised chaos and professional delivery. She is driven by communication and the strategic way it can be implemented across media, branding, sponsorship and events. Sandra’s passion is delivering consistent results and winning the satisfaction and loyalty of her clients.

Regional Marketing & Communications Director


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