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Exploring the Metaverse: How Global Brands are Transforming Customer Engagement and Revenue Generation

As global brands extend their reach, many are venturing into the metaverse to connect with customers, promote their products, and boost revenue. From high-end fashion labels to well-known household names, companies are leveraging the metaverse to craft innovative and distinctive customer experiences.

Advertising campaigns are being executed across platforms like Roblox, Decentral and, and Sandbox, integral components of the metaverse. Notable brands such as Gucci, Walmart, and Gap have initiated activations on Roblox, featuring meticulously designed virtual pop-up stores and interactive games. Below is an overview of how various retailers are utilizing this digital space.

Lacoste and DRESSX collaborated to introduce ten exclusive designs, paying homage to Lacoste's signature bestsellers. Five of these designs are available for sale on Roblox, while the other five are accessible on Zepeto, a rapidly growing avatar platform embraced by renowned global brands, celebrities, and creators. Lacoste aims to bridge the gap between physical fashion and immersive virtual worlds by debuting virtual fashion in the metaverse.

Gucci, in partnership with Roblox, crafted a virtual garden exhibition named 'Gucci Garden' to celebrate the brand's rich history. This immersive multimedia experience spanned six themed rooms, allowing users to collect unique designs to adorn their avatars. Throughout the event, visitors had the opportunity to purchase limited edition NFT collectibles, some of which later fetched prices exceeding their real-world counterparts.

Burberry collaborated with Mythical Games to launch a new NFT collection within the metaverse game 'Blankos Block Party.' As part of this collaboration, the brand created bespoke social spaces within the game, providing communities with unique virtual experiences. One NFT, the 'Sharky B' avatar, sold out within 30 seconds for over $1,000 on the game's marketplace, surpassing its initial $300 price. Additionally, Burberry established a tailored virtual environment within the game, fostering connections among Burberry enthusiasts and reinforcing the brand's presence in the virtual realm.


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