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Many businesses in the service industry such as airlines have laid off call center agents given that a lot of queries can be resolved through a chatbot. You’d be surprised by how many basic questions are asked over the phone, when the answers seem obvious or are readily available on the website.

There is a game-changing shift from yesterday’s basic AI chatbots to today’s advanced AI agentsThis is a huge deal for how businesses are using AI to talk, work, and innovate. For years, chatbots have been the go-to solution for organizations aiming to automate customer service, FAQs, and other repetitive administrative tasks. These tools were beneficial, even with certain limitations, however, recent advancements in AI have rendered chatbots ineffective. Limited by predefined scripts, they struggle to handle complex or unexpected queries, falling short of delivering the rich interactions customers expect. Moreover, traditional chatbots lacked the capability to function as virtual team members.


On the other hand, AI agents are built to learn, adapt, and make decisions in real-time. Freed from the constraints of scripted responses, they possess the ability to understand context, analyze data, and engage in meaningful interactions. This significant leap in intelligence and flexibility enables AI agents to seamlessly integrate as virtual team members, enhancing productivity across various organizational roles. These agents can do more than chat. They can use software apps, websites and other online tools, including spreadsheets, online calendars, travel sites and more. In time, many artificial intelligence researchers say, the A.I. agents could become far more sophisticated, and could replace office workers, automating almost any white-collar job.


Some businesses, including airlines, will promote human customer service as a premium experience (although eventually, perhaps, AI will be better – but at least initially this will be seen as a premium).

At the current rate of advancement we can expect improvements and further deployment of the technology and more inquiries to be dealt with via AI rather than human customer service.



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