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Facebook is always developing new features to give users a more continuous and useful experience. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work in the brand’s favor when it comes to reaching as many users as possible with their page content. It affects every other metric they can track which are engagement, likes, comments, clicks and negative feedback. And that’s not all. Reach has different kinds: post, page, organic, viral and paid. Everything on Facebook boils down to reach.

Facebook users can outspread an ad’s reach by sharing, liking or commenting, which can direct the ad into their friends and other users News Feeds. For maximized reach and specifically engagement, we always opt for branded-content ads which generate twice the organic reach, or goes viral. Users are most likely to share the news with a piece of branded content or engage with it, they also like to share or get engaged with a funny or emotional video, share it on their page or with their friends. However, the extent to which advertisers can gain some extra and important organic impressions from a branded content campaign.

These stats should not be taken to an extent that brands should cancel their traditional ads and redirect that money toward branded-content campaigns. It depends on the advertiser’s objective. If a brand is seeking to maximize attention and minimize spend, then a branded-content campaign may be the way to go. Again, traditional ads cannot be ruled out due to some brands having different objectives such as driving purchases.

Everything on Facebook is best measured by reach. Today, any brand wants to reach as many users as possible and of course reach the right target audience. When the brand’s objective goes beyond awareness, every brand should work on an ad designed to persuade the needs of the users and make them interact with the brand, either by purchasing the product or making it go viral.




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