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Twitter Introduces New 'Super Follow' Button

Twitter is trying the "Super Follow" button as the first step towards making Twitter a monetized place. The users can call Super Followers like "Premium account subscribers". This was specifically launched for top users with good following and engagement. Those already following a person can see this button which means subscribing to their influencer for premium and early content.

Twitter is seeing this feature to let creators and publishers get paid directly by their fans and followers.

The mock-up screenshot shown by Twitter shows as an example of a user charging $4.99 per month for a bunch of services.

The whole concept is to provide ways for users to monetize their Twitter audience, that could help Twitter to both keep its top users tweeting more often, while also incentivizing them to build more reliance on the app. That would ideally help Twitter boost overall time spent within its app by keeping its most engaging voices more active, while new eCommerce and newsletter tools, among other functions, would also help to expand Twitter usage, and broaden its functionality.

Introduction of such features is widening the urge of good & engaging content as users are becoming more selective. While they will only subscribe to those influencer/channels with whom they see the connection. This in turn also makes it very vital for the brands to select the right influencers for collaboration with right target audience.



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