Currently, Instagram only lets you follow people. It's a system that works, but doesn't help you stay on top of trending hashtags or custom-made hashtags. Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow users to follow Hashtags.

This feature will change the way we use Instagram. Users would be able to keep better tabs on topics that matter to them and it could also be very useful for keeping tabs on breaking news.

This option is available to a limited capacity for select users in certain regions. Instagram frequently tests new features on a small pool of users which may or may not be released publicly.

This new feature will make it easy for users to follow content which they like instead of following multiple account for the same content. If a user is looking for fashion accessories they don’t have to bother and search for a particular account to follow, they can just follow the hashtag #fashionaccessories and see all the latest fashion accessories from multiple accounts at one sight. This makes user journey less complicated and ultimately leads to high conversions.