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There is never that one thing that leads to success for anyone. It is always a combination of dedication, passion and hard work. Success is a continuous journey the way learning is.

Continual learning is a key aspect of Garage366’s work ethic and contributes largely to the success of our campaigns. Our knowledge of the business stems from our past professional experiences- owing a big part of our current success to the top 3 multi-national agencies.

Our dedication, passion and creativity lie at the heart of our corporate vision. We realise that creativity is subjective and our motto “Why Not?” therefore represents the philosophy behind this very notion. The question “Why Not?” denotes positivity and empowerment at the very heart of what we do, compelling us to drive our business forward with a “can do” attitude that have allowed us to create unique opportunities and solutions for our clients which have earned us trust and recognition in the market.

Our team is our biggest asset, and we are all here because we carry an innate passion for what we do and this propels our motivation to achieve new heights of success. Human interaction and the inspiring, cordial relationships between team members, clients and media houses, is fundamental to the agency’s success, demonstrating an equal measure of respect, shared passion and transparency.

Another key driver to business success is isolating the gap in the market and going for it. When most companies strive to be better than their competition and try to beat them at their own game, we found a whole new game by identifying the gap in the market: Creativity, Service, and applying Global knowledge to the Local brands.

The market is short of companies that have a local understanding of international capabilities and resources. We aim to bridge that gap in areas where larger agencies are unable to provide this service by recruiting eager and passionate people with international work experience and providing them with the local knowledge through constant learning and on-going trainings. This put at the core of our business has resulted into our service and product being remarkable and innovative.”

We demonstrate a very strong commitment to utilising the tools available both offline and online. The digital platform is becoming one of the biggest challenges in the market particularly when responding to, adapting and executing strategy relevant to the dynamic nature of the change. It has become an integral aspect of our work, to demonstrate sound knowledge and competency and so we educate ourselves and expand our repertoire in digital, to best serve the diversified needs of our clients. While most agencies have a department dedicated to the digital space, “every team member at Garage 366 lives and breathes digital, and the team is constantly learning so that we optimise the use of digital to enhance our performance for our clients and their consumers.”

We believe, those that learn together, thrive together. Receiving and sharing information is our way of cultivating stronger awareness and partnerships in our industry.

Within two years of its inception, Garage366 has earned a high level of achievement and recognition locally and regionally with over twenty accolades across different awards ceremonies; MENA Digital Awards, Festival of Media MENA and Sports Industry Awards. In March 2017, Garage366 was crowned MENA Digital Agency of the Year at MENA Digital Awards ceremony and earned two gold awards in “Best use of Mobile”, one gold award in “Best integrated Digital Media Campaign, and one gold award in “Best use of Digital Media” with most of the remaining awards being in the digital sector.

We are extremely proud of the innovation and award-winning work achieved in partnership with our existing clients and media partners, and awards such as these are great for the industry and certainly positions Garage366 at the forefront of digital media innovation in the UAE and the region.

So where is Garage366 off to next? New York, to attend the ‘Best of 2017’ Festival of Media Awards (FOM) for which Garage366 is shortlisted in one of the four pillars; Technology.

Festival of Media is the leading recognition for brands, agencies, and digital/marketing specialists rewarding the very best media campaigns from around the globe. The Awards provide the benchmark for innovation in media across its Global, MENA, APAC and LatAm editions

Garage366 will be present among other shortlisted agencies that are multinationals across FOM MENA, FOM ASIA, FOM LatAm & North America. Best of 2017 winners will be the gold winners of the most competitive categories of each of the four pillars (content, insight, technology and media) across all the Festival Awards 2017. Each shortlisted agency will be competing as a single trophy will be given away per section/pillar.

Along with the opportunity of being recognized abroad, Garage366 plans to put themselves on the global map with expanding their operation overseas to Egypt and Beirut in the near future.


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