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Mostly everyone knows what hashtags are in 21st Century. Hashtags originally started from social media accounts, such as, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. This modern symbol then became a common feature of these media accounts. Therefore, using such features is a great contemporary technique to be used in the marketing industry.

BUT! Do you know how to use it? It’s best to use the hashtags that are already being used. You can find that out by going through “What’s the Trend” and it shows last 30 days top trending posts. All you need to know is that the hashtag must be similar to the content of the picture or the post.


This trend first arose by individuals on their social accounts during the San Diego fire in October 23, 2007 using the hashtags ‘Sandiegofire’. This pop-culture soon became a well-known trend used internationally.

The hashtag symbol soon became a very commonly used icon as a well-adopted marketing technique in the marketing industry. It is found that the top 100 global brands active on twitter have embraced the use of hashtags completely. 45% of the tweets posted by the best global brands had just one hashtag and 67% of the top 100 companies contained one or more hashtags. Companies have seen that hashtags on their tweets tend to allow more engagement with their required audience than on tweets without hashtags.

If a hashtag is used on a public account, then users can search the hashtags and find your post. Too many hashtags should not be used in a single post and finally hashtags should be used only when relevant to the topic that has been posted.

Social media strongly supports hashtags

Twitter : was the first social media where it was used and still being used very affectively as it helps the brand and the business for social media marketing.

Facebook : took a short time to adapt the hashtag trend, just like twitter, Facebook also runs a unique URL that you can be connected to by clicking on the hashtag.

Instagram : hashtags are the most effective, as it makes your pictures quite noticeable by targeted audiences when they search that specific hashtag. Businesses would prefer images or videos to be tagged on to so that they have much brand followers.

Google+ : is also adapting the hashtag craze to gain much better results for their ads or any specific posts made by the users in the search engine.

Hashtags can help increase your brand awareness

Hashtags are very efficient for marketing purposes as hashtags can be used to describe current trends situation within a company and to increase brand awareness as it is the most effective way to do so.

The popularity of hashtags has seen them integrated in nearly every aspect of social media and extended to everyday life. Hashtags enable an individual to be able to categorize their posts allowing others to find relevant content. It also can be used to spread news quickly from one part of the world to another within seconds. Hashtags are highly stigmatized, however when used appropriately they can be a very powerful tool.




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