There will be cries of joy for advertisers who have struggled with Facebook’s 20% rule. The 20% rule no longer applies to text on Facebook ad images. No more rejected creatives because there’s too much text on them.

The 20% text rule for image ads on Facebook has been in force for some time to safeguard the quality of the user experience and the look and feel of our timelines. By stopping businesses from using images with too much text on ads, Facebook forced them to be more creative, and our timelines have been thankful. But at the same time it has been a nightmare for Social media marketers who saw numerous ads being rejected because they just had that little bit too much text.

Product Marketing Manager at Facebook quoted “Our research has shown that people demonstrate a preference for ads with less text. Previously, if 20% of an ad image’s area was text, it was not approved to run on Facebook, Instagram or the Audience Network. We are shifting to a new solution to improve this experience which allows advertisers more flexibility while still allowing us to maintain an enjoyable experience for people.”

The Change to Text in Ad Images

The rule has not been totally removed but it has been made more flexible. The new rule will not stop you from using any image no matter the amount of text on it. On the contrary, it will let you use it for ads, but Facebook will warn you that the more text on your image, you can expect less distribution and higher costs.

Images will no longer be broken up into a 5×5 grid. Going forward, Facebook breaks down text density into four categories:

  • OK

  • Low

  • Medium

  • High

Following are the examples of each and what to expect regarding distribution.

Image Text: OK

Facebook prefers little or no text in an image