Email marketing is said to be one of the strongest marketing channels. It is claimed to be an incredibly effective marketing tactic. And it can be, if backed by an effective email marketing strategy.

An email marketing strategy is part of your overall marketing strategy and business plan. It helps you market your products and services with the use of the email channel with the best chances for making a profit and reaching your goals.

What makes email marketing so effective?

Email marketing has some significant advantages compared to most other marketing methods:

High Reach – When you get people to join your email list (aka “subscribe to updates” or “opt in”), you can actually reach them. Sure, not everyone opens your emails, but the numbers are usually still in favor of email compared to other communication methods.

Great flexibility – Email marketing can work for pretty much any kind of business. It doesn’t matter whether you sell houses, apparels, or consulting, you can get lots of sales as long as you use the right email marketing strategy in the right place.

Full control - Most other marketing tactics are at the mercy of policy changes (e.g., Google and AdWords) and other decisions beyond your control. Sure, some laws affect how you can use email marketing, but laws rarely change with short notice and they even more infrequently radically change what you can do.