Imagine leaving a reaction on a post, simply by making a facial expression. This new social platform will allow you to do so. Say hello to Polygram. It was launched in August 2017 and its available on IOS right now.

This platform has a lot to offer, it promises to give analytics of what viewers felt when they saw the post. Polygram is a photo-sharing platform just like Instagram, but it offers in depth analysis of a user’s emotion.

Polygram makes a model of your face, and detects emotions. Overall, it might be an important tool for influencers who want analytics on what people feel when they see their posts. Now, they also have augmented reality makeup feature allowing you to look more attractive, and several face filters.

This App can be very useful for advertisers to understand the consumer behaviour and know what they feel about the product and services. This new technology will gauge user response using artificial intelligence to recognize facial expressions, tallying up responses based on a smile or frown. It can have a detailed breakdown on the audience by gender & location.

This platform is a great innovation in the Artificial Intelligence technology world.

Source : Digitaltrends.com/Wersm.com

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