The hassle of watching your favorite video without the non-skippable ad is soon going to be a reality. YouTube recently announced that it’s no longer making its 30-second unskippable ad formats available for advertisers after this year. From next year onwards brands can purchase other unskippable ads such as 20 second promos and 6 second bumper ads. Bumper ads are ideal for driving incremental reach and frequency, especially on mobile where ‘snackable videos’ perform well. Snackable content is defined as bite size nuggets of information that can quickly be consumed, understood and shared across platforms.

Google currently wants advertisers to focus more on shorter ad formats and make engaging content. Shorter and engaging content has always performed well compared to lengthy content. It is meant to grab the attention of the viewer and have them eager to come back for more. By producing shorter content, you can help your business to grab consumer’s attention and drive traffic to your website. Examples of these can be Videos, quotes, infographics, and memes.

The main goal is to produce content that consumers can quickly engage with, on-the-go, and most likely they are on their smaller screen. This in turn will hopefully leave them hungry for more, similar content in the future.

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