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Why Nano-Influencers Are a Great Addition to Your Marketing Strategy

The marketing world keeps changing, and businesses are struggling to keep up. There was a time when the use of micro-influencer was popular, but today, nano-influencers have become a big deal.

When mapping out your influencer marketing strategy, the most common approach is to go for the biggest names, who'll offer you the biggest audience reach, and thus, the best return on your ad spend. However, that’s not always a wise approach. Businesses should also be considering the value of those with smaller, but more engaged, communities, who can also help connect them with the people who are increasingly more likely to buy from them.

Great content is essential for every marketer, but it’s not enough. You also need to make sure that the right people see your content. And nano-influencers make that possible.

So who are the nano-influencers? They are Instagram users who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. Given their small followership, they are cost efficient. Their accounts are neither glamorous nor polished, photos are neither posed nor retouched with dozens of filters. They give the feeling of being a “girl/guy next door.”

Compared to other types of influencers, they have more niche interests, and more local relevance offering authenticity. They don’t have many followers, but they make up for that with higher engagement which can lead to trust and connections. Their engagement rate is generally ten times higher when compared to others. Their low profile can help brands market to the target audiences that matter. They can also manage the size of their followers and respond to each comment personally

As these influencers are starting on the content creation journey, their dedication and passion drive them to advocate for things they believe in. They grow with your brand and can help you increase conversions.



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