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Saudi Sports for All Federation Unveils Innovative Fitness Initiative

The Saudi Sports for All Federation has unveiled its groundbreaking 'MoveYourWorld initiative,' a campaign that goes beyond typical motivational efforts promoting exercise. Unlike other national campaigns, this initiative aims to combat a sedentary lifestyle, urging people to embrace motion and vitality in their lives and share it on social media.

This initiative was preceded by a profound campaign in August 2023 where SFA introduced a digital experience—a virtual journey through the Museum of Extinct Mobility:

This expedition transported participants to a world where beings who once ran, walked, climbed, and thrived were now encased in transparent boxes, akin to forgotten species. To ensure the campaign reached diverse audiences, SFA spread this message across a wide range of online and offline platforms, including Shahid, Twitch, IG and YouTube. This imagery, underscored by The Global Assessment Report on biodiversity and ecosystem services, raised a profound question: Could 'human beings in motion' become an endangered species?

In a vibrant display on social media, Saudi citizens shared images capturing dynamic moments: a father doing push-ups with his daughter on his back, friends uniting to rescue a stranded car, and women engrossed in a spirited tennis match. These snapshots were part of the Saudi Sports for All Federation’s (SFA) #MoveYourWorld initiative, which conveyed a message that extended beyond the immediate benefits of physical activity.

Ammar Alamro, Head of Communications at SFA, expressed the campaign's profound intent, stating, “Our aim was not only to educate the population on fitness; we wanted to inspire the nation to make life-affirming choices." He added, “I hope it continues to make a profound difference in our society, encouraging a healthier, happier, and more connected Saudi Arabia." “An active lifestyle is healthy in a mindful sense, not just a physical one, and campaigns like #MoveYourWorld promote a range of ideas, and show the many benefits that being active can bring.” he said.

These efforts are part of SFA's 5-year strategy which started in 2020 aimed at raising health and fitness awareness and building community sports in the Kingdom.



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