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How amazing would it be to have a call with your client in virtual reality instead of Zoom? See what your office makeover could look like using augmented reality, or create a virtual copy of yourself and send it off to teach your next webinar or Facebook Live?

Digital marketers are facing new realities, due to pandemic disruptions, diversity movements, and social distancing.

From virtual spaces & virtual beings to digital creators & platform targeting, these have completely changed the marketing world in the last few months.

1 -Humanize Your Brand & Bring It to Life

As virtual reality becomes a marketing reality, virtual people become part of the cast. Virtual Being is a character that you know isn’t real but with whom you can have a two-way conversation. Brands and marketers can now create a virtual being as part of its influencer’s marketing strategy, a computer-generated being programmed to be entirely relatable to the buyer’s persona.

2 -Explore Virtual Spaces & Augmented Technologies

There are a lot of choices these days to get started and boost the marketing powers and inspiration using AR/VR. It’s as easy as experimenting on how Snapchat & Facebook are using different lenses from a personal or professional standpoint.

Local SEO is also something to take into consideration as places become searchable in augmented reality using your smartphone, imagine users no longer searching with a browser and searching with their camera.

3 - Storytelling Becomes Immersive & 3D

While some new marketing technology might sound discouraging, Facebook is making it easy to jump in and experiment with immersive content. Try using the 3D photo images or panorama images turning into 360 images on mobile.

National Geographic takes one small step for mankind and one large step for AR by taking climbing the world’s highest mountain using immersive storytelling and AR.

4 - eCommerce Is Revolutionized

While trapped in a global health crisis and going to the mall is less of an option, AR and social networks like Snapchat are coming to the rescue.

Gucci recently launched its first-ever shoe-try-on lens with Snapchat using the powers and style of augmented reality. All users must scan the promo shop code and get access to try-on the latest trends in footwear fashion.

Companies with a strong online and social presence have a strong advantage today. However, companies with a strong augmented/spatial /virtual presence will have an advantage tomorrow.

Where will you be tomorrow?

Your marketing future is today’s focus.



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