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LinkedIn recently launched ‘Stories’ which is nowadays the most popular ad format in almost all social platforms. With this feature companies will be able to share day-to-day insights about their workdays, live coverage of events, and other highlights to give followers unique insights into their work culture.

Being a professional portal, there are few likely drivers behind LinkedIn's experimentation with Stories in a professional setting:

  • A new generation, who grew up with the Stories format, is entering the workforce.

  • Engagement on LinkedIn is increasingly taking a more conversational and personal tone.

  • LinkedIn users are increasingly sharing personal stories, life lessons, and work experiences on the platform, a type of content that fits well with the Stories format.

For marketers, B2B, LinkedIn Stories could offer a new tool to organically promote organizations and develop new leads. More than half (52%) of marketers worldwide planned to increase their organic LinkedIn activities in 2019, according to a report from Social Media Examiner. The introduction of Stories to LinkedIn could accelerate B2B marketers' interest in the format, as it presents an opportunity to create dynamic marketing campaigns that might build top-of-funnel awareness and better appeal to younger LinkedIn users.

Below are two key potential application of LinkedIn Stories to build a successful campaign:

  • Stories offer a chance to develop a more personalized content to showcase company's culture and share quick videos about what an organization's work culture.

  • It also saves organizational cost of generating videos and produce low-cost video content. The creation of Stories-based content likely has fewer barriers to production than some other forms of video content.




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