Ahmad – I’d like to thank you for being with us today in season 2 of Tawasal. Can you please tell us a bit more about your career and the birth of Garage366.

I have started my career in 2003 with various multinational agencies such as Starcom & MCN. Garage366 was founded in 2015 based on a vast experience and with strong relationships & network in the market.

Does ‘Garage 366’ mean that your agency serves its clients 366 days & not 365?

Today our concept is not to serve clients, but to build long-lasting partners. In the business world, we always use 365 days & 360° offering, so we took this step further whereby 366 days is a leap year, which is special and we want to ensure that any brief we receive will also be special for us and our partners.

You shed the light on Garage 366 strategy, but can you please tell us more about the “Why Not?” concept?

‘Why Not’ was a big challenge for us coming from family, friends, or business partners. There’s always this notion of “what are you doing?” & “Don’t do it!” or “Why are you doing it?”. So I took these statements & wanted to build on them. In our industry, it’s always been “Why?”, especially when meeting clients. “Why” has always been a limitation to opportunities & to our strengths & what we can offer. So, for us at Garage366, “Why Not?” is a philosophy on how we deliver our work thus resulting in great work, which is being translated to many awards.

What were the main challenges you faced when you first started Garage 366? It seems that you have strong relationships in the market; did this help you or let you down?

Yes, my relationships helped me for sure & that’s why we are still growing even after 5 years. It did let me down a bit in the beginning as I had lost some friends who had considered Garage366 as a direct competition.

You have moved from a Group Director in a multinational agency to the CEO of your own boutique agency. How did this differ from working with big clients to now working with smaller sizes?

We started the business with an international client – Under Armour. But for us, there’s nothing called a small or big client & it’s not based on their spend. But to answer your question, in addition to Under Armour, we also have clients such as GMG & Al Fahim Group whom everyone considers big.