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The new feature will help users to pin on the top, important or favorite comments on their posts if they’re trying to inject some positivity into their Instagram posts.

Instagram announced “Pinned Comments” as one of a few new features to help limit the bullying in the social media world by giving users better control over the negative and abusive comments.

To access this feature, users will have to update their Instagram app to the latest version. Then, tap on any of their Instagram posts and go to the comments section. Once they’ve found a specific comment they want to pin, swipe to the left and tap on the pin icon. Users can pin up to three comments to the top of their post at a time. They can easily unpin comments for recent ones.

With Pinned Comments users can let others do the marketing for them. For example, they use Instagram to publish a post promoting their next online workshop. A past viewer may see the post and leave a comment saying how much they loved the workshop you held. Pin that comment to the top! Everyone who sees your post will see the wonderful review, which may generate more signups for the next one. However, once they pin a comment the handler receives a notification.

Additional features that were announced are to allow users to delete comments in bulk and choose who can tag and mention them on specific posts.

Instagram has in the last few years intensified its efforts against harassment and misinformation by improving its tools and creating new features. Instagram now uses AI to automatically block offensive comments and warn users before they post potentially offensive or harmful captions. While Pinned Comments may not be as effective as some of those tools launched earlier, it can still go a long way in helping popular creators, celebrities, and businesses on Instagram better manage their profiles.



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