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Instagram and Facebook Music is finally available for users in the UAE

Globally launched in October 2018, the feature allows Facebook and Instagram users to add a song to their photos and videos on their stories. However, the feature was not available in the MENA region, until now. After three years of patiently waiting, the tech company and social media powerhouse has finally launched Music for Instagram and Facebook users in the UAE.

A statement from Facebook Inc said: “People have always come to Facebook and Instagram to express themselves and be entertained, and we’re focused on bringing music into the ways people share, connect and express themselves. For that reason, we’ve been working with creators and music partners around the world to help people connect and share how they feel through music across the Facebook family of apps”.

In order to add a song to photos and videos in stories, open the camera on Instagram or Facebook or select a photo or video from your gallery, touch the sticker icon and add the music sticker.

Users can search from a library of songs, choose one and select a part they would like to highlight in their stories. If the song has lyrics available, they will automatically pop up.

The latest feature also allows users to add music to their Facebook profiles. The song will be played when people visit their profile and they can also visit the artist's page by clicking on the track.

What will be the first tune you choose?




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