Browse your old stories via new map and calendar views

The new "Stories Map" shows you where your Instagram stories were captured over the past three years, alongside a calendar of when they were posted. Stories usually vanish off a user's profile after 24 hours and enter an archive where they can be viewed. The new calendar and map are an easier way to find old Stories.

It is likely surprising to many that Instagram has an archive of them going back years. The stories archive truly dates back to 2017 — the new calendar and map simply supply a greater means to find old stories.

The archive is private, visible just to you, however there is a choice to re-share them publicly in your profile or stories feed. The new Stories Map and monthly calendar view are rolling out now and could be accessed from the “archive” menu under your user profile.

The social media giant is also launching new anti-bullying features to automatically hide comments like others that have been reported. It will also discourage customers from posting them in the first place.