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How 5G is the future of eSports and gaming

5G is opening up the world of gaming. With an increasing number of gamers, the eSports industry is expected to grow even more rapidly especially that people won’t need high-end PCs or consoles to play online.

ESports has taken the world by storm and is here to stay. According to the World Economic Forum, eSports has a captive global audience of more than 300 million and revenues of over $1bn. With an increasing number of gamers and growing interest in e-tournaments, the eSports industry is expected to grow even more rapidly in the coming years.

5G is a crucial player ushering in the new era of eSports and gaming. Being one of the most influential and exciting developments in technology, 5G is powering new possibilities in this industry.

There is strong appetite for 5G in the region, as the GCC has some of the highest internet and mobile penetration rates in the world. According to the Ericsson Consumer Lab “Harnessing the Consumer Potential Study”, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have some of the greatest percentages for consumer willingness to upgrade to a 5G device. Increased 5G consumer willingness and adoption coupled with a thriving interest in gaming in the region is ushering in unparalleled capabilities and benefits to the gaming industry.

In the GCC in specific, where the countries are 5G pioneers, we’re seeing increased attention from organisations and governments towards gaming, with plans announced for major eSports Hubs and tournaments. In line with visions of diversifying their economies and creating digital hubs, governments are investing more in eSports to bring together innovation, gaming and entertainment.

Upcoming venues in the region like Pixel complex in Abu Dhabi and the Dubai X-Stadium, are expected to be world-class and push the region as a key player in hosting eSports games. In Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS), is playing an important role in further developing the gaming industry and nurturing eSports and gamers in the kingdom.

While business, consumers, and governments stand to benefit from the possibilities of 5G, the technology is an important player in the world of eSports and gaming, and the applications in the future seem practically endless.





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