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Google Maps is updating to improve the experience for users as well as businesses who use the platform to reach customers.

Google is bringing messaging capabilities and customer insights on Google Maps and Search to help businesses answer questions from the public.

The update that will make messaging easier

When searching online, people expect to get answers to their questions as fast as possible. This is especially the case when they browse nearby businesses, looking for information like until how late a business is open, whether a specific product is available, what COVID-19 safety measures are in place, and more.

This feature will be available for verified businesses only, said the company in a blog post. It all starts with activating this option through your Business Profile. You will then be able to start replying to customers’ messages on Google Maps. This will be in the business messages section, under the “Updates” tab. Google wants to make it even easier for shoppers to get the information they require. As a result, they have introduced even more ways people can get in touch with businesses. As well as clicking on the “Message” button on their Business Profile, customers will be able to start a conversation from any post made. Plus, if they try to call and do not get an answer, they will be urged to send a message instead.

Updated Performance Insights

Another feature that Google is rolling out for business owners is that to help them find out how customers discover their Business Profile.

At the beginning of 2021, you will also see an updated performance page, which shows whether customers found Businesses through Google Maps or Search. It will let them know whether customers saw the business profile via Google Maps or Search and if they saw it from a computer or a mobile device.

Businesses will be able to access all of the performance data for up to six months, so that they can assess how they have performed on Google’s platforms and whether the Business Profile is getting them the attention they have been looking for.

These latest Google updates are great news for shoppers and businesses alike, as it will help businesses to interact more with their consumers and to know their likes and dislikes.




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