Google’s new updates include changes that will impact what sites Google ranks in the search engine’s AI.

Google BERT

BERT is a technique for Natural Language Processing (NLP) that helps Google to better understand the intent of a search query. The change to how BERT is used impacts nearly 100% of searches whereas last year it only impacted 10%. Google BERT is already implemented for every search query that users make. BERT will affect almost every English language search query on Google.

Latest Spelling Algorithm

Google also announced changes in its spelling algorithm to help the search engine understand misspelled words. What makes the spelling algorithm of interest is that it helps Google understand the context of misspelled words.

Passages Indexed

Google's search algorithm will now also be able to index individual passages of text within web pages, not just the web page itself. So essentially, passages from a web page can be ranked when returning a search query. Google says that this will impact 7% of search queries.