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Facebook’s Will be Launching Audio-Only Rooms to Hook Into the Social Audio Trend

Facebook’s Clubhouse copycat is launching soon after announcing over a year ago that they had started working on its development. Other social platforms have also ventured into audio-based features such as Twitter launching Spaces last year. So Facebook’s version Rooms, will be similar in functionality to the invitation-only audio app Clubhouse, which allows users to gather with one person or a group to have live conversations.

As you can see in this image, posted by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Facebook's working on new audio-only options for Rooms, which would enable hosts to create public or private audio groups chats. That would essentially facilitate the same use-case as Clubhouse, and Twitter's Spaces, by providing a way for Facebook users to create public, audio meetings that anyone can drop into in real-time.

That could turn up the heat once again on Clubhouse, which is still in invite-only mode. Earlier this month, Twitter flagged its intention to open up Spaces to all users by April, which would enable broadcasters to reach much wider audiences in the app, while Twitter's also working on various discovery tools and options to enhance the Spaces experience.

If those efforts work out, you can expect Facebook to also accelerate its plans for the same, and if Facebook can provide its own public Rooms discovery process, while enabling people and Pages to reach their followers and friends by highlighting in-progress audio Rooms at the top of the app, its audio Rooms could also become a big lure for creators looking to maximize their reach and community-building efforts.

It'll be interesting to see when Facebook looks to go live with its audio rooms feature, and how it looks to roll it out. Either way, it could definitely be a good option to consider, especially for brand Pages looking to build community, and maximize engagement in the app, with a view to driving more referral traffic.



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