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The pandemic has brought a lot of changes in the digital sphere and brands are already planning for the post-pandemic normal to reflect the shift in consumer behavior. Given the impact, it is unsure whether or not consumers will have an appetite to reenter the physical world.

As livestreaming meets post-pandemic world, Facebook has just launched its latest app “Venue” in the United States. Venue is designed to offer at-home users a digital second-screen experience at live events E.g. Sporting events

Instead of livestreaming events directly, Venue was created as a platform that allows various expert hosts – journalists, athletes, social media personalities, etc. – to host digital venues connected to live events. Fans will be able to interact with the expert commentators who will host a venue for each race. The app is also designed to make it easier for users to multitask their digital events while doing other things.

Venue hosts have the power to ping guests on their mobile devices when something important or memorable is going on to alert them that it’s time to tune in. Additionally, hosts can access something called the “moments” feature, which allows them to augment their venue with various types of up-loadable content like commentaries, interactive questions, polls and short chats.

Digital spaces can connect us when we can’t be together in person, and Venue is one way to feel the energy of watching live events with other fans,” said Ime Archibong, Head of Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team.

Venue is now available on iOS and Android in the United States and will be tested for the first time today with NASCAR's Food City presenting the Supermarket Heroes 500 race.



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