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Crunch-Free Gaming: 'Doritos Silent' Eliminates Snacking Sounds Using AI

Doritos, the iconic snack brand, has revolutionized the gaming experience with its latest innovation: 'Doritos Silent,' an AI-powered software tool designed to cancel out the crunching sounds of snacking on chips during audio chats. Specifically tailored for PC gamers, this groundbreaking technology aims to enhance the gaming environment by eliminating the distractions caused by fellow players' snack munching.

Developed in collaboration with Smooth Technology, a creative engineering and design studio based in Brooklyn, the Doritos Silent tech underwent six months of rigorous development. Analyzing thousands of snippets of crunches, the software was meticulously crafted to ensure it effectively filters out the noise generated during snacking. The solution is available for download online and operates exclusively on Windows platforms, catering to gamers worldwide.

To promote this innovative tool, Doritos launched a cheeky campaign across multiple countries, including the U.S., U.K., Spain, Poland, Brazil, and Portugal. Teasing the launch, Doritos featured ads depicting a Doritos chip replacing a traditional earpiece, accompanied by the playful tagline 'You won’t hear it coming.' In their YouTube promo, they show a gamer using the tech with the tagline 'Game On, Crunch Off':

Karina Stoltz, Senior Brand Manager at Doritos UK, expressed excitement about the project, stating, “We know that the nation loves the satisfying crunch of Doritos, but listening to someone else enjoy them can be off-putting. That’s why we set out to develop the first-ever AI-augmented ‘silent’ snack, and after months of expert development, people across the country can finally crunch Doritos down a microphone without making a sound.”

Doritos Silent addresses a prevalent issue in the gaming community, especially among Gen Z and millennial consumers. According to research from NewZoo, 80% of these gamers find themselves frustrated by the noise of others snacking during online play sessions. With the crunch-cancellation software, users can activate a button that seamlessly filters out any munching noises, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

This pioneering concept marks Doritos' foray into enhancing the gaming arena, with plans to extend the technology's applications beyond audio chats. Doritos Silent showcases the brand's commitment to innovation and understanding the evolving needs of gamers. Developed with expertise and creativity, this AI-powered solution is set to redefine the gaming snacking experience, making it more immersive and enjoyable for players worldwide.



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