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Due to the frenzy of the pandemic-induced quarantines, we are consuming unprecedented levels of media to keep us entertained whilst staying safe indoors. Here are few insights on how social media platforms in UAE has seen growth in consumption during Covid-19.

Research by Global Media Insight revealed an upsurge in users across social media platforms in March.

TikTok has also seen an upsurge in UAE for the number of monthly active users from 3.7 million in Q1 to 4.5 million in Q2. Also, there has been a spike in monthly video views from Q1 – Q2, which is from 9.8 billion to 15.4 billion.

Social media consumption is soaring as people are mostly staying home during these times. Influencers have been able to show their creativity while staying indoors, turning the lockdown restrictions into opportunities to go live on social media and market products related to home workouts, DIY beauty, and cooking and cleaning items. Also, many brands have taken the opportunity to engage with customers during quarantine E.g. Sports retailers/gyms offering virtual workout classes or hosting them through Instagram Live to motivate the consumer to stay fit.



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