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Content Is King But Engagement Is Queen. Be Social, Don’t Just Do Social.

And without the queen, the king falls apart because the queen is his right-hand woman.

Just having a website and social media channels, or a presence online doesn’t make you a successful business. You can have the best content, but if you don’t create a conversation then it is hard to make it online.

Let’s start with Content. “Content is King” is a very popular phrase that we have been reading and hearing about for so long. However, did you ever wonder where the phrase comes from?

This popular phrase was made famous by Bill Gates in January 1996 when he wrote an essay titled “Content is King”, which was published on the Microsoft website. In this essay, he stated that content is where much of the ‘real money’ will be earned on the internet.

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”

His words are true, even today, more than two decades later, content remains in the position of king – the way that a lot of money is made on the internet. Every proper digital marketing strategy has a content creation plan.

To be a successful marketer, we need great content to form a meaningful connection with our customers. Many brands have become obsessed with creating and distributing all kinds of content, rather than using content as a tool to help us achieve their marketing objectives. However, we need to go beyond just creating great content (and context for that matter) that is consistent and relevant.

Now let’s talk about the Queen i.e. engagements or conversations. For example, on Social Media, one should post when they have something meaningful to add to the conversation. That doesn't mean that every post has to be deeply profound, of course; it just means that there's never a need to post for the sake of fulfilling a (misguided) content calendar commitment.

But when should you post?

The answer to this comes in the form of a simple analogy: how often should you speak with your friends? We talk with our friends as often as we have something meaningful to share.

There are two key take-aways from that analogy though: a conversation about content is often more valuable than the content itself, and the relationship is invariably more important than any individual conversation.

The point of social media is in the name its self- Social. In order to generate response you have to be social with others. It is a real life conversation and you need to create that spark to establish a bond with that person. Seek your audiences’ interests and start the conversation.





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