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It is crucial to be attentive to the trends and technologies which can affect digital advertising and marketing in 2020. Consumer interests are constantly changing and are getting harder to understand inherently. Previously, voice search optimization, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and machine learning were considered new but not yet impactful technologies. Today, these technologies are at the top of the priority list of marketers. Let’s look at two important trends in AI Advertising:

AI with Voice Search Domination

Conversational AI does it all! Voice search and digital assistants are two sub-areas of AI. Google uses machine learning, where the engine uses pattern detection and other methodologies to teach itself and generate the best possible search result, getting better every time based on new information. Machine learning is what’s behind conversational AI. It makes search engines more intelligent and powerful, too. That’s the reason why we are seeing ads about the things which we just said or talked about but haven’t searched for yet.

So, now is the time to optimize the campaigns for voice search. Assemble content as query-based (Who/What/Why/Where/How) and see how performance changes.

AI with Content Creation Domination

By adopting AI, marketers can satisfy the emerging content need and ensure targeted delivery. We can generate a stock update or a sports/event news easily with AI. In fact, we are already reading content written with AI, probably without noticing it. Companies such as Yahoo and Fox have been using it for quite some time, now. Creating quality content is difficult and time-consuming, but AI can be trained to deliver engaging, personalized content that is optimized for conversion.

As a marketer, it is not feasible to manually personalize content for each customer. AI will be a savior in this case. Also, consider how AI chatbots are handling customer relationships these days. Chatbots are getting smarter and carry out conversations with potential customers to deliver real-time solutions.

AI technology will soon determine the future in Digital Marketing by changing the way on how we target our audience with more personalization.




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