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Influencers are now part of a form of marketing in which their persuasive posts focus on attracting people or the market (B2C) or target other businesses (B2B). In 2018, brands and influencers will start to be more transparent about their partnerships.

In the early days of influencer marketing on social media, not every brand was as open as they should’ve been about working with some of your favorite social media stars or celebrities. Basically, a lot of influencers created Instagram posts, YouTube videos and other content promoting products without disclosing they were being paid for it.

Influencers are becoming increasingly active not just on Instagram, but also on other social media channels like YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat, where they promote products or services.

It may sound comfortable and pleasant to say that we’re working with an influencer but that doesn’t mean much if this is not generating results that we are looking for, therefore today advertisers are starting to make use of some tools and tricks to track the performance of influencers campaigns. Some of the most basic ways to at least get started are to use:

  • UTM parameters, assign specific parameters to the influencers and track the actions of every visitor they drive to your product/site.

  • You can use this trick to track your goals by giving the influencers a unique promo-codes to share with their audience, with that each time a customer uses this code, it directly attributes the revenue or the result that influencers are generating for the brand or the service.

Once brands understand the influencers’ worth, set the goals, and define the key performance indicators, it becomes easier to identify the right influencer and calculate ROI. Influencer marketing has become popular for one reason which is simple IT WORKS. But there are no guarantees, because paying someone with 50K+ followers to share your post on any platform won’t automatically bring in waves of sales. Influencer marketing has been around for over three years in this region, and the varied use of different social media channels to promote brands as well as the emphasis on genuine performance metrics by brands are now trending.

Will the other social media channels catch up with Instagram which is currently the top channel for Influencer Marketing?


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