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Instagram is giving brands a new reason to invest in producing higher-quality Stories. It will now automatically save Story posts, which can later be added to a Story Highlights collection.

Brands and all other Instagram users can now showcase collections of their old Instagram Stories on their profile pages, the Facebook-owned photo-and-video platform announced on Tuesday.

This tab will be called Stories Highlights, it will be a collection of past Stories which can be put together from the Stories posts that Instagram will now automatically save to an account’s private in-app archive of posts it has published; accounts can disable this auto-archiving feature. Brands can select the individual Story posts to add to a Stories Highlight, name the collection and choose a thumbnail cover for it.

For brands, Stories Highlights could help to convert more users into followers by teasing through showing different types of Stories that a brand posts. According to Instagram, 200 million users view at least one brand’s profile page on any given day, but two-thirds of those users don’t follow the brand. Now the brand can use Stories Highlights to show them more of what they’re missing.

For example, a TV network that posts Stories related to its shows could group those Stories together into program-specific Stories Highlights. Or a retail brand launching a new winter collection that posts different products can group all under one umbrella of Stories Highlights. Marketers or media companies interested in producing episodic Stories but concerned that it will only last for one day and affect the ROI could now extend their lifespan through Stories Highlights — and likely expand their viewership.


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