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We’re back! With few more myths about social media and this time we will be focusing on Facebook.

Today, there are 1.49 billion active users on Facebook. People all around the world are using this social site to connect with family and friends also discovering new things.

Businesses today are making good use of the vast reach Facebook can offer as well as the targeting which can be set to cater to their target market. However, the concept comes with multiple worrisome myths just like any other online social media site.

Myth 1:

Brands are sponsored by Facebook Ads.

There are some businesses that claim for it to be impossible to grow new business and customers through Facebook advertisement. However, this isn’t true. Even though the advertising through social media has developed significantly over the past few years, several advertisers still consider it as a type of email-marketing alternative. People fail to notice that Facebook Ads do a good job at generating direct sales, mobile app installations, generating leads and many more. Facebook advertising guarantees that your marketing powers will get to the people who will benefit from them, through the demographical and locational targeting feature.

Myth 2:

Facebook advertising can be expensive!

Advertising on Facebook does cost money, but the amount depends upon businesses according to how much they are willing to spend. As such some people run the advertisement campaigns on Facebook for as little as $1 per day, compared to others who would spend more to make their marketing elevated. It all summarizes to one question in end of the day, whether placing your advertising dollars in social media would be more successful than your current strategy.

Last year, numerous businesses began to bash Facebook advertisements, not because they seemed problematic but because insulting a huge business is a great way to get attention.

Myth 3:

Every post should be boosted.

According to the audience “boosting” Facebook posts is the best way to generate attention, however that’s not fully accurate. Even though boosting is the simplest ad to make and every post is most likely to give you more engagement on your content, yet its not the most effective one as Facebook requires more options for advertising, but people are unaware of that.

Instead of boosting your posts, why not develop an advertising campaign which is designed to drive traffic to the app, e.g. getting conversations on your website and more. If the content isn’t solid enough to create actions or capture leads, then you’re wasting your money.

Myth 4:

It’s pointless to advertise in the right column.

Some people believe that the location of advertisement is useless as they are being displayed at the right-hand-side column. These statements are wrong. There have been many effective campaigns in which the right-hand-column ads on Facebook have created momentous progresses regarding return on investment, especially when compared with advertisements that simply show up on the newsfeed.

Importantly, fewer things in the right-hand column can distract users, as they can click on links without having to comment, like, or share options getting in the way. To gain full profit out of your advertising it is important to include pictures with visual contrast to draw your viewers in. Also retargeting can be useful in the right column as users that already have the knowledge about your brand can easily notice your advertisements.

Myth 5:

It’s fine to buy fake Facebook likes.

Buying likes to make your brand seem popular will only cause your company loss in long term, as the number of ‘likes’ are not dependent on the profit of your business, therefore selling Facebook likes is a scam, no matter what your individual belief is. Having voluminous number of likes on your page wouldn’t lead to extra revenue. Likewise, a page with fewer likes will not have any less impact compared with thousands of likes but no engagement.

Truth is, you can’t stop new myths from forming and you’re losing a ton of profit if you let misconceptions keep you out of this advertising platform. So, ditch the myths and start your ad campaign with a fresh mind.




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