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Artificial intelligence has bought about a significant change in our lives and the presence of this technology is now being felt even more strongly. AI technology minimizes human intelligence and interference covering a huge range of capabilities such as voice and image recognition, machine learning techniques and semantic search.

Though marketers have been depending on tools and technology to help automate and reduce their work, there always remains a gap when it comes to effort and quantifiable results. Customers in the digital space bring with them a chunk of data that generates new data for the marketer to understand and process. This is where AI comes into action by analyzing, segmenting and filtering data. This allows marketers the time to grow and innovate their brand rather than worrying about data segmentation.

At present AI technology is soaring in the upwards direction in Digital Marketing. Digital advertising relies on high-quality targeting to ensure that the right ads are delivered in the right place to the right audience – Native Advertising. Native advertising is transforming the way marketers connect with their customers - helping them to authentically connect with consumer interest.

For Native ads, context is everything and this is where AI comes in. AI in native advertising is a game changer. This is entirely because AI gives advertisers a big picture contextual and semantic analysis for every page where they’ve generated ads. It provides these details in real time at huge scale, providing a relevancy percentage on keywords, entities, concepts, measuring the sentiment that’s expressed on the page like positive, negative, or neutral and gauging emotions such as happiness, anger, disgust, fear, joy, or sadness. This analysis works on thousands of pages a second, which means advertisers perfectly know the context of each page in their network and so can always serve the right ad in the right context.

AI will be of benefit to the advertising industry and particularly to native advertising, as native ads depend heavily on context they are served. AI technology enhances the level of targeting delivered, ensuring ads are placed on the right page at the right time, targeting each individual user.

Increasing number of marketers are using AI to intensify their campaigns and give customers better experiences. With this technology taking off, brands need to act vigorously to make the most of it.


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