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With Facebook repeatedly stating that majority of its content on their platform will be videos, they have now in the recent past introduced Facebook Cover Videos! The video can be a first impression for any fan visiting the page. Facebook is making major changes to the way business and individual pages look . Engagement being Facebook’s driving factor, cover videos are Facebook’s latest change to allow brands to better tell their story. .

This additional feature allows an advertiser to express more about the brand not just by showing a picture but by integrating a video on their cover page. Video content is the way most people prefer to consume content, with that number consistently growing.

Users can upload a cover video in the same way they upload a cover photo. The suggested dimensions are also close to that of a cover photo. Cover videos can be anywhere from 20-90 seconds long and can be looped in anyway the consumer wishes it to. The video will automatically start to play when someone visits the page, immediately drawing attention to the page cover. Additionally, Facebook has also enabled the option to view the cover video with sound that can be found at the bottom right -hand corner of the video.

By making cover video available, Facebook wants to help brands create more engaging interaction and drive richer experience for their audience. Through this feature the spotlight will be more on creative content on one of the most prominent space on the page which is the cover photo. This feature is still in early testing, but it’s expected to roll out more widely soon.

With digital video consumption growing continuously, brands are increasingly turning towards online video ads. It is known that by adding video ads to display campaigns improves performance. Hence, with Facebook bringing in Cover Videos, brands should definitely leverage on this opportunity by adopting this option to the optimum level.


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