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Firstly, what is augmented reality!?

It is what turns your surroundings into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world, in real-time. There are 3 main categories of Augmented Reality tools that are being used in the 21st century.

  • AR Viewers

  • AR Browsers

  • AR Games

AR viewers is something that allows a user to place 3D life sized objects in your environment which makes it easier for a person to shop online by placing objects that would suit them the best.

AR browsers enhances your camera display with contextual information by pointing your phone at an object or a building that has an history or estimated value, it then displays it on screen. It also helps you provide some more relevant information you may need or direct you to other places that are similar.

The latest way augmented reality is being experienced is through GAMING! It creates an immersive gaming experience that uses your actual surroundings and makes you feel immersed in that delusion that has been created by the game. Imagine shooting zombies! Just like you wished you could in Resident Evil and Walking Dead. Pokémon Go has been the biggest use of augmented reality gaming to-date, a map of the real world is being used to catch virtual Pokémon’s that are hidden in specific places and some that move around.

Now Snapchat adds augmented reality emoji to their ads and videos. The user can now place a small group of 3D objects and can move them around as if they’re real life objects.

Facebook has announced the launch of their new F8 and how they would be installing augmented reality platform that would allow users to overlay digital photos just like snapchat or even better onto their photos and videos.

Soon, augmented reality would be more than just snapchat and Pokémon Go! As they want AR to be helpful for the science students more specifically for doctors. Imagine AR in actual operating rooms, this would help them be more accurate with the ability to scan body parts and perform surgeries with an increased level of precision and information. In science, there would be no more guesses and would turn it into an accurate means of testing and repeating results.

As of now there are quite a lot Augmented Reality tools available to create and improve the next gaming experience, exact locations in navigation apps, digital retail and a lot more. AR can be a very powerful emotional engagement tool for brands as there will be more connection with consumers and that too on another level.




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