Live-streaming video is the latest frontier of social media. Well known social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter have their own apps whereas the new comers in live video like Meerkat are trying to differentiate themselves by working on the problems Facebook Live and Periscope might be facing and want to come out by updating the app in a new way.

Spontaneous video blogging a.k.a Vlogging can be done at any time of the day and by anyone whether they are everyday users, celebrities or businesses. A lot of businesses have started using this opportunity for many reasons such as to announce an upcoming event, inform their fans about a new product, or simply engage with their fans. Live-streaming video can be very helpful for small businesses that want to engage with the audience and start a brand with little cost or no cost.

A very good example of live-streaming being put to good use is the very first debate of 2016 for US presidency which was streamed live on Periscope, Facebook & YouTube, it drew millions of viewers. The second and the final debate was also taken live.

To connect with your followers and update them, there are many fun live-streaming apps with innovative production and lead-generation tools. Most of these apps are free for users. Some pioneering examples of brands that streamed live via Facebook and Periscope are: Red Bull, Dunkin Donuts, Doritos, EA Sports, Adidas, McDonald’s, etc.

These big companies have been using live streaming to answer queries for customers on a global scale and let the users know about the upcoming events which are conducted by them.

This makes the users feel more connected and involved with the brand which brings an outcome of loyalty to the brand. Most of the businesses would surely want to adapt this in the future and 2017 already seems like a great year to begin with.

An example of a Famous influencer and an advertiser using Periscope in UAE.