Social media’s explosive growth over the past years has created a major shift in the way companies approach marketing. Traditional tactics of pushing out branded content to your audience are no longer as effective as it once was. Consumers today have more power than ever because of social media and they expect to engage with brands in real time. A lot of brands have started adopting non traditional marketing strategies which keep consumers engaged while maintaining focus on driving them to take action.

A relatively new form of one of these marketing strategies is influencer marketing which has become quite a hot topic for many marketers. Influencer marketing opens up new avenues through which you can connect with your consumers directly, foster organic engagement and ultimately get your audience to take action.

There are four types of influencers: celebrities and social media stars; professors, industry leaders and journalists; semi-professional bloggers; and micro-influencers. Influence marketing is an essential part of marketing and sales strategy which helps a brand in building a community, credibility, loyalty and brand awareness.

There are Four Ms of Influence Marketing which creates a defined path for marketing success in social media.