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Smart Caller ID is a great feature launched in 2014 on android system to help users identify incoming calls from businesses which are not registered in their address book.

All android system 4.4 and above will use google database to display the business ID automatically instead of some seemingly random numbers appearing on the screen.

Unlike Caller ID apps on the market today, Smart ID is a native feature that doesn’t require an app download.

Google goes even further than that by showing more details about the caller eg. Caller address, website, business type, phone numbers, social media channels, etc… Users no longer need to use Google to find a business, or the address or the website, one phone call from a company or consumer will give them all the details they need to know after which they will just need to click add to their address book to have all the information registered.

More interestingly, Google has developed this feature where one can search for nearby places from his phone book which makes it very practical as the user does not have to open a browser and make the search. Eg if you are looking for a nearby hospital, you just need to type “hospital” in your phonebook and results including all contact details (phone number, address, website, etc…) will be displayed on your screen regardless of whether the same is listed in your contacts’ list.

Smart caller id on smart phones has expanded beyond businesses to individuals by using Google+ data to display the callers’ names along with their google profile photos saved in the database even if the callers’ names are not registered in the phone book.

Unfortunately most companies miss out on this opportunity as they not understand its usefulness.


To understand how your business can benefit from Smart Caller ID, you have to understand how it works.

Simply Caller ID is a native feature that is supported by Google search to define the caller ID. The second you get an unknown call, Google will compare the phone number with its database and display the most matched results on your screen.


In July 2005 Android was taken over by Google which is the best search tool globally and owns the most extensive database. Companies realized that Google search can be important for their business growth.

Companies need to feed google with the right details about their businesses to be found by the consumer.

Google+ :

Google+ will provide google search full details about you and your business type.

Google business account :

First thing you have to do after you establish your business is build a verified professional business account by google and enter the right details about your business.

Website SEO :

Many think companies/brands that appear in the top search results are lucky, but what they don’t understand is the investment behind creating a successful SEO friendly website.

Naming your website and website pages with the proper names will gave google full information about your business.


Website keywords are the main criteria for Google to read your website properly and to appear in Google Search.

Ensure that you use relevant keywords and strategic placement of these keywords across the site to make your website recognizable to Google.

Social media channels:

Make sure all the data are correct and matching across all your social media channels.

At the moment these features can transform the calling experience for both consumers and enterprise customers. With the constant developments by Google, these features can be taken to the next level. This presents a big opportunity for brands to be featured among the results based on the user’s interests making it a very relevant and strategic marketing solution.


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