​It is very unlikely to purchase something from a brand that you have never seen or heard before. The modern customer is complex, there is a lot of things that go in between the time the user is exposed to a brand to the time they are prospective customer to finally buying it. In online advertising, Search ads (PPC ads) are considered to be hero because they can be easily attributed to conversions (leads and sales). This is because they come at the last mile (purchase decision) of the consumer decision journey. However, display ads which help create brand awareness gets less credit than it deserves due to its relatively lower conversion rate. This is because display ads come at the nascent stage of consumer journey.

e-Marketer report estimates that 61% of all online ad spends are on display advertising and comScore says the Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide and includes more than 2 million publisher sites. So, what should you know to make it work for your brand?

Why Display Advertising?

Display advertising effectively reaches the most people within a target market compared to any other media. It has more power to educate the consumer and build trust for the brand. One of the reason for this phenomenon is that display advertising is not as interruptive and annoying as traditional media advertising.

The ripple effect of creating awareness transcends just online advertising and influences offline purchases too. Multiple studies have validated combined Search and Display campaign gets 22% greater conversions compared to search only campaigns.

A simple explanation to this is, we all feel comfortable and reassured to buy from a brand that we have already seen or heard before, and display advertising aids in this process by creating millions of impressions (eyeballs) for a small budget.

Benefits of Display Advertising