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Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is an extremely clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry. Remarketing is basically when you tag your website landing pages to give cookies to your visitors. You can target these visitors with customized ads based on their website activity.

Those ads follow them around throughout an advertising network. The main point with remarketing is that you find people who have shown interest in your product or service as these people are more likely to convert compared to people who have not yet been to your website.

Following are some tangible methods you can use to make your remarketing campaigns more effective:

For increasing conversions : If you are not doing any remarketing campaigns it is the easiest way to start with. Target users who have visited your website or specific pages of your website with ads to bring them to convert.

If you have a low traffic website (Less than 5000 monthly sessions) you can look at having general remarketing approach that is targeting all users or all users and excluding converted users. But when you have a high traffic website you have to be more creative. One intelligent tactic is to create different remarketing audiences based on specific pages that users have visited. Let’s assume you have following pages: Home, Product pages, About us and Contact us. A user who visited the Contact us is clearly in a different stage of decision making as compared to the one visiting the Home page so we need to treat them differently in remarketing.

Instead of sending both of these users to the same page try sending Contact us users to a lead form page designed for capturing user details. Sum up your best content there in sections with a call to action under each section, and give them every piece of information that may have kept them from converting in their last visit.

Upsell or Cross-sell to existing customers : Right audience to give your business additional revenue are users who have already transacted with you. Typically, we use Email marketing campaign or rely on customers to navigate back to site to see new products or offers, but why not use remarketing to make sure they are seeing the message we want them to? Create a clever remarketing campaign to retarget your market with a low frequency and longer duration to keep your brand top of mind.

If you :

  • Have a sale on your website, retargeting ads to the existing customers will be an ideal marketing strategy to boost up sales.

  • Increase your member duration to retarget heavily when your new stock arrives.

  • Retarget to your previous conversions with related products and offer discount for being loyal customers which will help to increase conversions probability.

Focus on content and education rather than direct sale : We invest so much time and effort to create content and get it out there. But doing everything we can to get it seen is the next step.

You can target remarketing audience with content pages to educate users about new services and products. Giving your customers all the assets they need to make good use of your product/service will ensure they come back. Yes, your ultimate goal is to get leads and sales but by driving interested consumers to a ‘free’ page, on which you’re not asking for anything in return, you build brand awareness and nurture lost leads. When they are ready to convert, this priming often results in a higher cost sale - and a more loyal customer.

Keep testing different variants of ad to see which one version drives more conversions. By testing above methods you would see increase in website traffic by existing users who had been ignoring your emails. The possibilities with Remarketing is endless it depends on how you create your audience list and capitalize on it.


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