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Manchester City wants to be early adopters of new technology.

The well-known “Arab Owned Club” MANCHESTER CITY has been experimenting with how their fans are experiencing watching the game in VR.

The Premiere League Club has been working with LiveLike VR and Sky to innovate a range of virtual experience, which would be a part of the testing phase. In terms of keeping technology up-to-date, there is a lot of catching up to do for VR as the resolutions are not that great and need to be worked on in he near future.

“We as a club are always looking into how we can be early adopters of new technology that can enhance the fan experience,” says Manchester City’s director of marketing and media, Diego Gigliani.

Last August, Manchester City became the first club to install 360-degree camera in the tunnel from where the players come on the pitch and go back. This made it more exciting for the fans as they experienced something new and to get a chance to see what happens after the players go “UNDERGROUND” as these tunnels are closed in every stadium for the fans.

The club has made connection with VR and SKY, the TRIO has so far covered four matches in VR and are now thinking to move this three way partnership forward by VR broadcasting. They even tested the VR broadcasting on the weekend (8 May) on which they played against Arsenal. There were a few groups of City fans in New York, London and Melbourne that were selected to watch the match through Samsung Gear Headsets.

As Gigliani readily admitted: “I don’t think that the experience is ready to replace watching it live or even TV but it shows the amazing opportunities of what it can do”.

By doing this Manchester City is mainly focusing on FANS rather than being too bothered about clubs profit, so that their fans have a great experience watching the game.

Despite what the club says, it’s a great marketing technique for VR and a better way to gain more fans and be more passionate towards the team and the innovative technology.

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